Rushd Specialist Centre

What Distinguishes Us

  • Our center is specialized in applying the latest rehabilitation programs and continuing care
  • Our approach is based on an integrated Matrix after their adaptation to the requirements of our environment.
  • Our development and rehabilitation stages have been customized accurately and simply with the possibility of measurement and calibration.
  • Our team is integrated, works harmoniously, and leads duties entrusted with all honesty and sincerity.
  • Our site is characterized by its strategy that is derived from centering on the hilltops in Hada area in Taif that is endowed by Allah Almighty with its bewitching charm and moisture atmosphere that eases the rehabilitation programs application.
  • Our facilities have been prepared and equipped to provide rehabilitation services, taking into account all the environmental variables affecting the development of recovery programs.
  • We are keen on providing a pleasant stay and high-level services for the beneficiaries.
  • Our rehabilitative and additional programs are based on taking into consideration the spiritual, national and cultural aspects inside and outside the center.