Rushd Specialist Centre

Rehabilitation Program

In Rushd Specialist Center, the rehabilitative curriculum, which has been designed according to the evidences of the Matrix model of intensive outpatient treatment as well as therapeutic community's model, focuses on the people who suffer from drugs use disorders and gives them an organized rehabilitation program. The customers receive this information and help in establishing a lifestyle free of substance abuse, and maintaining abstinence from drug use.

Rehabilitation Program Idea

The program develops and establishes a therapeutic approach with comprehensive possible tools to make the required change to the member.

Target Group

It is a group of people who are willing to engage in the rehabilitation and continuous care program in Rushd Specialist Center in order to recover from alcohol and drug addiction for those who are over the age (18) years.

Program Outputs

A recovered person, who accepts his community, interacts with his family, manages his living, and estimates his gains.

Program Duration

It is the period of staying the member 24 weeks in the Specialist Center in addition to other eight weeks spent by the beneficiary entirely outside the center with self-support groups (NA) through the presence of the necessary individual sessions of training on the ongoing maintenance curriculum, the prevention of relapse sessions, the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and family support sessions.

Program Goals (concerning the recovered):

  • To establish motivation to change
  • To strengthen the commitment to change
  • To be able to manage his financial resources and affairs of life
  • To be able to control impulses and desires
  • To improve his self-affirmation skills
  • To develop lapse prevention skills