Rushd Specialist Centre

The Customer's rights

  • To join the rehabilitative program after showing the desire of the approval
  • To treat my portfolio with the strictest confidentiality unless it is not required by security authorities
  • To access to all the program privileges without distinction or discrimination
  • To make a complaint or a proposal concerning the service provided to me by the center
  • To appreciate that the priority of treatment to the emergency cases
  • To keep my personal belongings away from theft or loss
  • To request a rapid and direct intervention if necessary
  • To participate with the rehabilitative team in the development and implementation of the rehabilitation plan
  • Not to bear any financial commitments towards the center because the center services are free
  • To get the continuous support even after leaving the center
  • To address the housing officials in the event of a nuisance or violation of your privacy
  • To inform my family with the rehabilitative process and the contribution to it
  • To notify me with the consequences resulted in stopping the program
  • To host my family after the coordination with the center
  • To access to the housing laws and regulations